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‘Inherently violent’: The problem with the prison system is its very existence

Calls to reform prison system, end mass incarceration fail to address the true problem — the prison system is inherently unproductive


‘Invisibly shackled’: Parole, probation in Wisconsin create insurmountable barriers to rehabilitation

Current system only serves to keep people trapped within criminal justice system, fails to aid public safety in any way


Unintended consequences: kids of incarcerated parents suffer most from America’s mass incarceration

Camp Reunite offers many benefits to incarcerated mothers, their children and society, should encourage a nationwide pattern

UW-Madison Campus

Activist discusses prison system reform as part of Distinguished Lecture Series

Mariame Kaba said mass incarceration in America is a criminalization problem


Gap in prison, university spending reveals questionable priorities

Trends in state spending on prison system perpetuate achievement gap, puts at-risk youth in harm's way


U.S. prison system’s disproportionate emphasis on punishment is unethical

Criminal justice system perpetuates broken cycle by stripping prisoners of second chances

City of Madison

Dane County Equity official outlines importance of data in reducing racial disparities

Increasing capabilities of Madison's analytics system may allow for better understanding of racial disparities

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