Hate speech is free speech — it’s time that changes

President Donald Trump's recent executive order prompts discussion on free expression vs. diversity on campus, in law

City of Madison

Madison’s Muslim community offers loans to furloughed federal employees

The initiative raised $50,000 to lend to struggling federal workers who have not seen a paycheck in over a month


Citizens must stay informed through reliable news sources to combat work of Russain trolls

Because of Trump's attacks on media, knowing who to trust more difficult, yet more important than ever

UW-Madison Campus

One year after the election, campus feels a greater divide

Students from both sides of the political spectrum feel campus is polarized

City of Madison

Madison community rallies for undocumented workers, refugees

About 400 community members raised their voices in support of immigration reform in light of Trump administration


Point Counterpoint: Confirmation of Justice Gorsuch undermines values of the Supreme Court itself

Blatant Republican abuse of power signifies clear bias, partisan lean in judiciary branch


American public education in peril as DeVos prepares to take the reins

Following nationwide opposition, DeVos sworn in as Sec. of Education, putting students in danger


The war on women rages on: Repealing ACA will hit Wisconsin women the hardest

Wisconsin Well Women Program will not house women left on margins after repeal of 'Obamacare,' low-income, disabled, transgender women disproportionately affected


If it quacks like a Muslim ban, then it probably is a Muslim ban

Even if executive order's wording is not explicit, in practice, Islam is clear target


Our future as Americans depends on our ability to work together in coming months

In an America more chaotic and divided than ever, finding harmony is the only way we can move forward