On media violence and the truths we don’t tell

A reflection on broken stories and how we can fix them


The semester that was: Spring 2019’s biggest stories

Here are the most contested stories from the spring semester


Robert Mueller is not our knight in shining armor

Based on how the country reacted to Nixon and Bush's transgressions, the Mueller Report likely wouldn't have any major impact


In the election of a generation, student voting surges

Campus political organizations reflect on role of voting after tumultuous 2016 election


Walker, Trump out of touch with Wisconsin voters, disillusioned about dairy industry

Walker's tweet ignores implications of tariffs, trade deals, impact of immigrant labor

State of Wisconsin

Is NAFTA the ‘worst trade deal ever?’ Panelists say no

Despite Trump's critical stance on NAFTA, panelists say NAFTA 2.0 is 'impractical'

State of Wisconsin

Wisconsin students travel to Washington D.C. to lobby for increased reproductive rights

#Fight4HER campaign pushing for passage of legislation to promote safe, ethical medical practices

State of Wisconsin

Wisconsin Republicans denounce Trump’s tariffs, cite consequences for Wisconsin economy

UW professor of sociology, law believes this move puts U.S. at risk of international trade war

UW-Madison Campus

UW proposes committee to advise administrators on issues facing undocumented students

Proposal will most likely pass Faculty Senate in April, committee chair says


Melania Trump’s campaign against cyberbullying is an outlandish farce

First Lady's fight against bullying is hypocritical in light of her husband's behavior