On media violence and the truths we don’t tell

A reflection on broken stories and how we can fix them


While important, there are better ways to impact change than through voting

Like its seasonal counterpart Freakfest, VoteFest is another method of control on public activity

UW-Madison Campus

Go Big Read author dissects human impact on Great Lakes

Egan spoke about specific effect of invasive species, pollution


Gov. Scott Walker’s feelings are hurt, here’s why that doesn’t matter

Responding to party criticism by tearing apart entire party only fosters environment where anger is invalid form of expression


UW’s impressive voter turnout reflects insurgence of student activism

Students must stay engaged, energized to continue recently galvanized movement of political activism


Constant silence on anti-Semitism disgraces social, political activists

Record-breaking rise in anti-Semitic incidents disregards importance of intersectionality on campus, across nation


Social media has done wonders for political activism

Rather than distracting from real world, social media engages young people in political discourse


Widespread change takes place only when collective activism reigns

Staying politically is a worthwhile pursuit no matter one's profession


One year later, 2017 election still inspiring political activism

While Trump put us in America's darkest days, women strive for bright future

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