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Science News

New UW project aims to create sustainable plant-based plastics

Project hopes to better local economies, environment using national grant funding

Science News

The recylopedia: UW researchers dive into plastic recycling

Researchers publish extensive paper detailing practices in the plastic recycling industry

Science News

Debunked: paper, plastic or neither?

Both have their environmental impacts, says UW expert, cautioning that debate may be overblown

Science News

UN Environment Programme director discusses impact of plastic pollution

Plastic pollution harms human health, oxygen, oceans


WI must end preemptive laws regarding plastics to preserve environment

Preemptive ban on plastic bans hurts environment, we must act to protect our eco-system

City of Madison

Madison no longer accepting plastic grocery bags in bundles in recycling bins

Thin plastic can cause problems in sorting equipment, not a strong resell market, Madison Recycling Coordinator says

City of Madison

City of Madison sees increase in recycling, as well as contaminated recycling

Unrecyclable materials mixing with recyclable materials causes contaminated recycling to be sent to waste


Banning straws is insufficient — corporations must do more to tackle climate change

Small actions from individuals are important, but ultimately won't solve our problems


Ban on plastic straws, cutlery barely scratches surface of municipal waste reduction

Positive environmental policy can only be achieved through structural changes

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