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Science News

Women face barriers in computational sciences, but experts say change is possible

New research calls out gender inequity in computational science, implications for diversity in STEM fields

Science News

Art, science intersect for Cool Science Image Contest

UW Cool Science Image Contest uses creative process to showcase science in unique ways

Science News

UW physics course connects science and art

Physics 109 offers unique insight into relationship between physical science, art

Science News

UW physics department sets world record for atomic clock accuracy

Atomic clock will aid metrology, GPS, space navigation

Science News

UW grad student joins global research effort to discover rare particle phenomena

Alex Wang's research into high-energy particles at US Department of Energy research center aims to deepen our understanding of modern physics

Science News

Wednesday Nite @ The Lab: The physics of X-ray lasers

In the first virtual-in person hybrid session of Wednesday Nite in the Lab, physicist Uwe Bergmann presented the paramount discoveries made with X-ray lasers

UW-Madison Campus

Philosophy professor suggests time travel isn’t impossible

UW philosophy professor analyzes several theories of time travel in Thursday night lecture

UW-Madison Campus

National Science Foundation awards grant to Computer Science department at UW

Grant will be distributed among 17 institutions


UW awarded $800,000 to purchase new tool for nanotech research

The new tool will likely be on campus next summer

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