Legalization of marijuana will promote racial progress in criminal justice system

Wisconsin bill to decriminalize marijuana could address racial disparities in incarceration rates, reduce effect of mandatory minimums


In light of Nike’s Kaepernick ad campaign, students should be wary of ‘performative progressiveness’ coming from corporations

On a liberal campus like UW, students should be aware of implications of their support for corporations trying to save face


The Problem of Whiteness is still, inevitably, white people

Recent displays on our very own Bascom Hill should be addressed constructively, not aggressively


Police violence is gun violence too

In light of recent protests for increased gun reform, senseless violence by officers has been neglected


Women of color’s significant actions mark Wisconsin Historical Society’s shift towards inclusiveness

New employees have taken exceptional initiative in diversification, representation of minority groups thorughout Wisconsin history

Big Bads

Big Bads: ‘Bratz’ movie is hilariously awful mess

Never again, please


Why I’ve never felt like an American citizen

Even with President Trump in office, the future for people of color is bright in America


Character assassination of people of color in the media leads to spike in racially charged violence

It seems that white killers are made into heroes while people of color are demonized


Freshmen, don’t skip out on Our Wisconsin training, it’s the first step in making this your Wisconsin

Cultural competency training as valuable to students as alcohol, sexual assault training