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Tough-on-crime ads during Supreme Court election bear impacts of harmful legacy

Willie Horton style political ads perpetuate fear-mongering, produce negative effects for marginalized communities

State of Wisconsin

Wisconsin Gov. Tony Evers announces nearly $140 billion budget proposal

Budget proposal includes plans to improve mental health access, public school education, among other initiatives


Current voting system exacerbates hyperpartisanship, ranked-choice voting offers solution

Ranked-voting system prevents winner-takes-all, allowing both major and third parties to gain seats

State of Wisconsin

Group of bills circulating in Capitol propose new election regulations

'The bills circulated this week go far beyond that and are not all necessary to protect the integrity of Wisconsin elections,' UW expert says


Confirmation of Amy Coney Barrett win for Trump campaign, may be turning point in election

Barrett's confirmation may swing election support towards Trump


Wisconsin voter ID laws unfairly target out-of-state students, requirements must change

Common Cause lawsuit goes after unabashedly partisan voter laws that benefit Republicans


Point Counterpoint: Democrats will take us onward and upward into space

Democratic politicians' history of innovation in space exploration stands as stark contrast to Trump administration's lack of commitment to science


Trump’s plans for military parade evocative of patriotic history, not North Korea

Military parades are not partisan issue, but method to honor American heroes


Why you shouldn’t rely on Facebook for news

Millenials receive 60 percent of their news through social media, much of it heavily biased

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