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J.J. Watt encourages UW graduates to follow their dreams

Watt shared four life lessons as keynote commencement speaker


From walk-on to staple of Badger offense, can Troy Fumagalli make it at next level?

Where could the star tight end go in this year’s draft?


NFL pass interference unfair, should adopt NCAA rules

NFL needs to reform this rule so games can't be won through lengthy penalties


Sports section says: Should an athlete’s behavior off the field affect how we talk about them on the field?

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Trump: 1, NFL: 0

While it may seems Trump's comments were errant, he knew their purpose all along


Holding moral values doesn’t mean you have to take one side

Confronting aspects of your life that challenge your beliefs can be healthy, given proper amount of deep thought


CTE puts players, future of football in danger

Football players across all levels of play will likely be affected by CTE, and the future of football may be next


Kneeling at football games plays right into Trump’s hands

Players, coaches, broadcasters are ignoring that majority of Americans, don't watch football for the politics

Letter to the Editor

Letter to the Editor: NFL anthem protests constitutional, but harm more than help

Issues as big as unequal justice should be confronted through action rather than through short, vague protest


Stop white-washing NFL protests — they are about systemic racism, not Trump

The goal of kneeling during the national anthem has been, and will always be, justice for people of color