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UW-Madison Campus

Albanian American Student Organization returns to campus

AASO president discusses organization's goals, plans for celebrations

UW-Madison Campus

Muslim students explain UW’s shortcomings with Ramadan support

UW Muslim students say university fell short in supporting their needs during Muslim Holy Month


Institutionalized Islamophobia: UW fails to recognize Ramadan

UW's lack of administrative, structural support for Muslim students makes it more difficult for them to observe Ramadan


Social media is ablaze about Notre Dame — but silent about destruction of mosques, black churches

Failure to give appropriate attention to destruction of other religious sites emblematic of extreme, pervasive white supremacy


Religious observance should not be inconvenience for non-Christian students

UW's Christian-centered calendar forces students of other faiths to choose between academics, religious observance

City of Madison

Cap Times photojournalist shares power of Madison Muslim community

Bashir followed journey of Pakistani burn victim finding love for second time

UW-Madison Campus

Experts strategize efforts to combat Islamophobia

UW students seek help relating to fellow students, community members


Letter to the editor: Reclaiming our identities as Muslim-Americans

Even though media choose to ignore our humanity in favor of sensationalism, we are much more than the subject of policy


Character assassination of people of color in the media leads to spike in racially charged violence

It seems that white killers are made into heroes while people of color are demonized

State of Wisconsin

Experts highlight intersection between religion, politics at Cap Times panel

Most panelists agreed that people of different faiths should come together regardless of political affiliation