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Media literacy is becoming increasingly important as partisan divides widen

Media education remains critical in Wisconsin’s divisive political landscape, lack of curriculum standards could lead to further partisan hostility

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UW Population Health Sciences professor speaks on misinformation in public health

Expert draws from historical examples of misinformation, disinformation in virtual syposium


Parents must vaccinate children to prevent spread of diseases in schools

As kindergarten vaccine exemption rate continues to rise, parents must heed advice of doctors, scientific research

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Wisconsin professors discuss changing information landscape in age of AI

Where there is more information than ever, journalists need to level playing field, experts say

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Science communication professor speaks on misinformation in age of COVID-19

Attempting to correct misinformation can have adverse effects, professor says

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Political advertising’s role in elections: How messaging swings voters

While ineffective to most voters, political advertising can swing undecided voters, influence elections

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Journalists vs fake news: How Michael Wagner battles misinformation

UW professor studies roots of misinformation spread

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UW researchers earn NSF grant to create inclusive health communication strategies

'The reasons for mistrust are not only historical, but are present day – Black Americans continue to face oppression and medical racism,' UW professor says

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Fact or Fiction: Worsening misinformation spread poses dangerous implications for society

While misinformation has existed throughout history, the evolving media landscape leaves people susceptible to misinformation like never before

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Exploring the connection between scientific disagreement, public engagement

UW professor releases paper studying how disagreement, uncertainty drive away non-scientific audiences

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