UW-Madison Campus

UW to increase minimum wage to $15 an hour

Increase to affect workers in custodial, food service, animal care, not student workers


Point Counterpoint: Increased minimum wage would move Wisconsin backward

Other states who raised minimum wage experienced unforeseen drawbacks


More wealth inequality, more problems: Wisconsin’s middle class deserves lower taxes and higher wages

Measures in Evers' budget proposal designed to address wealth inequality will benefit all Wisconsinites, economy as a whole


Back to basics: Would a $15 minimum wage really benefit Wisconsinites?

Evers' proposal to increase minimum wage is not all its cracked up to be

City of Madison

Livable, minimum wage debate continued after Evers’ proposal

New business is trying livable wage model

State of Wisconsin

Evers first budget decriminalizes marijuana, increases minimum wage, expands Medicaid

The $83.4 billion proposal also establishes a nonpartisan redistricting process, continues UW System tuition freeze


Raising minimum wage is Amazon’s way to stop employee unionization

Raising hourly minimum wage seems progressive, intentions behind it offer disappointing truth


Tuition is on the rise, and not everyone can keep up

As college prices skyrocket, many students are forced to balance study and full work load


Mandatory drug tests, increased work requirements do nothing to help welfare recipients

Instead of making coverage harder to obtain, minimum wage must be increased to prevent need for welfare

State of Wisconsin

Counties across Wisconsin could follow Dane County’s minimum wage proposal

Proponents of raising minimum wage say it will help workers but opponents argue it will hurt small businesses

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