Impeachment futile, midterm elections integral to change

Shifting congressional control is first step to dismantling Trumpism

State of Wisconsin

Mike Pence stomps on Obamacare, praises Wisconsin businesses in Janesville visit

Republican leaders focused on health care reform, need to find 'shared values'


Cutting Planned Parenthood funding is not the disaster we’ve made it out to be

The organization services only small segment of American women, most of whom can find alternatives


Who’s worse for women than Trump? His running mate.

Vice President-elect has spent his entire career defunding Planned Parenthood, restricting woman's right to choose


November 8, 2016 was a disgrace

I have never been more terrified of what 'making America great again' will mean


Trump right, Ryan likely gearing up for 2020 presidential run

Advertisement, distance from Trump show Ryan is at least contemplating a campaign for the presidency


Trump’s lack of foreign policy knowledge is potentially deadly

Anyone so utterly misinformed on international politics shouldn't have power to start wars

State of Wisconsin

Trump gives Ryan official endorsement at Green Bay rally

Republican candidate avoided inflaming recent controversies, stayed largely on message

State of Wisconsin

At Waukesha rally Pence says Trump will change ‘status quo’ of politics

Wisconsin-born Republicans stress importance of Supreme Court nomination, criticize Clinton at Waukesha rally