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Science News

The rise of ChatGPT: ChatGPT makes name for itself in classroom

Experts agree best solution is to not fight against AI, ban it in academics

Science News

The Lab Report: Alternate solutions for natural products using plant tissue

Students in the Maeda Lab grow, study plant tissue for genetics, evolution, amino acids often used in human medicine

City of Madison

Ketamine-based mental health treatment clinic to open in Madison area

'I personally feel that ketamine, as well as other psychedelics, are going to become increasingly popular treatment modalities for mental health disorders,' Revival Infusion founder says

Science News

Medical cannabis research shows great potential but still faces barriers

'The mainstreaming of medical cannabis is going to depend a lot on state level industries’ ability to develop products that appeal to customer’s health needs,' UW professor says

Science News

Wednesday Nite @ The Lab: The physics of X-ray lasers

In the first virtual-in person hybrid session of Wednesday Nite in the Lab, physicist Uwe Bergmann presented the paramount discoveries made with X-ray lasers

Memo Union, Union Terrace
UW-Madison Campus

UW Distinguished Lecture Series hosts renowned epidemiologist Celine Gounder

Gounder emphasizes history of health inequity within Native American populations

UW-Madison Campus

UW researchers lead new coronavirus study

Real-time data sharing could help expedite development of vaccines, researcher said


Street medicine provides accessible healthcare for the most vulnerable populations

Urban homeless populations struggle to access adequate healthcare, but expansion of healthcare programs show promise

UW-Madison Campus

Rutgers professor discusses racial tensions, disparities in public health policy

Marginalization in hospitals have left African Americans with worse health outcomes than white people, professor says

State of Wisconsin

New legislation would offer transparency, closure to families affected by errors in surgery

Bill would require all hospitals to offer video recording services for surgical procedures

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