UW-Madison Campus

Panel of state reps, UW professors discuss legalization of marijuana

The panelists advocate for legalization and regulation

State of Wisconsin

Medical marijuana bill to potentially bring medical, monetary benefit, affect arrests

The bill could produce net $1.1 billion positive effect, while potentially reducing opioid overdoses, addiction traffic fatalities over five years

State of Wisconsin

Gov. Evers calls for recreational and medicinal marijuana prohibition changes in state budget

Gov. Evers calls for marijuana decriminalization in new state budget


Marijuana legalization inevitable but will bring new economic, social challenges

Marijuana legalization will likely have similar socioeconomic effects to other vice industries, like alcohol and tobacco

State of Wisconsin

Gov. Evers proposes changes to Wisconsin marijuana laws

Recent press release announced Evers' plan to legalize medical marijuana for various ailments


Outbreak of synthetic marijuana laced with rat poison further prompts need for legalization

Current drug laws do not prevent consumption, but prevent consumption of safe, natural substances

State of Wisconsin

Bill legalizing industrial hemp hopes to create ‘lucrative’ industry in Wisconsin

St. Croix Chippewa Indians of Wisconsin is one group that plans to start growing hemp

State of Wisconsin

New CBD oil law could open door to medical marijuana in Wis.

Bill passage could introduce similar initiatives to legalize medical marijuana

State of Wisconsin

Wisconsin families continue emotional fight in push for medical marijuana extract bill

Legislators argue more needs to be done with regard to decriminalizing marijuana for medical treatments

State of Wisconsin

In joint proposal, Wisconsin Democrats announce legislation to legalize medical marijuana

Efforts include non-binding, statewide referendum