State of Wisconsin

Free clinic meant as temporary solution, connects patients to providers, resources

About 234,000 Wisconsin residents did not have insurance in 2018


Your quick guide to Medicaid: What it is and what it isn’t

While work requirements may seem counterproductive to Medicaid’s objectives, it actually promotes healthy, self-sufficient lifestyle, financial independence

State of Wisconsin

UW economics professors find Medicaid expansion could save Wisconsin $100 million

Finding conflicts with February report that said expansion would cost $600 million


See Republican criticism of Evers’ budget for what it is — a thinly-veiled shot at public aid

Don't let Republican hypocrisy confuse Wisconsin about budget deficits — structural deficits are part of every state budget

State of Wisconsin

Work requirement approved in Walker’s new health care reforms

148,156 BadgerCare Plus adult members will be affected by the new reform


America’s overspending on entitlement programs must cease

Increased spending on social security will lead to national debt crisis, yet reform consistently thwarted


Walker’s crusade against need-based aid bolstered by new requirements for Medicaid recipients

Unwillingness to expand eligibility defeats purpose of program

UW-Madison Campus

Guest lecturer explains Medicaid misinterpretations in media

Study found those insured under Medicaid showed improvements in mental health, financial stability

State of Wisconsin

Dane County legislators address concerns of future health care in Wisconsin at town hall

Community members were worried about prohibiting abortion training, possible rollback of Medicaid


Republican health care bill breaks almost all of Trump’s promises

Under new plan, millions of Americans lose their insurance coverage while the wealthiest profit