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Science News

Behind bars: UW researcher studies how incarceration affects individual, community health

UW researcher co-authors book on prison system's ties to mental health


Redefining purpose, redirecting progress in the criminal justice system

As Dane County takes steps to reduce jail population, divert youth offenders, efforts to implement positive change are clear

UW-Madison Campus

Fifty years later, America facing similar race issues, speakers say

During the Johnson administration, America was 'moving toward two societies,' report says not much has changed


‘Inherently violent’: The problem with the prison system is its very existence

Calls to reform prison system, end mass incarceration fail to address the true problem — the prison system is inherently unproductive


Unintended consequences: kids of incarcerated parents suffer most from America’s mass incarceration

Camp Reunite offers many benefits to incarcerated mothers, their children and society, should encourage a nationwide pattern

UW-Madison Campus

Experts say mandatory minimum sentences lead to increased mass incarceration

Mass incarceration in Wisconsin has risen 200 percent since 1978

State of Wisconsin

Forum highlights shortcomings of Wisconsin criminal justice system

Experts encourage students to participate in reform process

City of Madison

Mass incarceration workshop addresses racial disparities

Wisconsin crime rate 16 percent lower from national average

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