Federal government shutdown sends Madisonians scrambling for innovative, community-based solutions

As interim appropriations bill is set to expire Feb. 15, UW faculty and government employees are wary of uncertain financial future

City of Madison

Mark Pocan announces his future campaigns will no longer accept corporate money

Decision part of larger movement building trust, transparency in political process


Politicians should follow Pocan’s lead in standing against Saudi Arabian actions in Yemen

New legislation proposed by Pocan shifts U.S. foreign policy focus from money to morality

UW-Madison Campus

‘We’re much better than this’: Biden calls for civility in America

Wisconsin Democratic candidates joined the former vice president to encourage voter turnout

City of Madison

Pocan says Democrats are poised to accomplish significant reforms if able to recapture Congress

Wisconsin Representative criticized Reps. Paul Ryan, Mitch McConnell for obstruction

UW-Madison Campus

Lawmakers work to prevent expiration of federal student loan program

Perkins Loan Program provides undergraduates with financial aid, is set to expire September 30

State of Wisconsin

Wisconsin congressman joins nearly 70 Democrats protesting Trump’s inauguration

Rep. Pocan emphasizes focus on health care, infrastructure in new Congressional session

State of Wisconsin

Mayor calls Wisc. legislator ‘charlatan’ for labelling Madison as ‘communist community’

Duffy said city is trying to delay vote recount process

State of Wisconsin

With elections on horizon Johnson, Clinton make their case to students in Madison

Clinton, Johnson campaigns encourage students to vote early