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State of Wisconsin

What to know about the August 9 primary election

"[The primary] determines who [November's] candidates will be in both the Republican and Democratic party," UW professor says.

City of Madison

Lease signing season is already approaching at UW, leaving many students frustrated

Landlords in some neighborhoods are setting resign dates as early as Oct. 6

State of Wisconsin

Gov. Evers’ proposal to allow local municipalities to increase sales tax

Additional revenue would help support local governments with needs arising from the pandemic, UW expert says

UW-Madison Campus

UW grad student discusses power local government has in federal elections

He says conflict in local government can cause residents to become mistrusting of all government


‘By the people, for the people’: Government efficacy requires public engagement

City of Madison's recent efforts to involve public more in civic action bodes well for improvement of government work


Municipal services deserve to thrive, but they can’t without proper funding

Gov. Evers' recent budget proposal addresses municipal finance issues, but not comprehensively enough

City of Madison

Everything you need to know before Tuesday’s election

Where to vote, when to vote and who is running


It’s the civic duty of all citizens to learn about their local officials

Properly understanding your community starts with understanding local government