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The Badger Herald Editorial Board: Issues to watch after Wisconsin’s Supreme Court election

Wisconsin's Supreme Court election will decide ideological balance of court, policy implications for future


Free speech survey promotes conservative policies in UW System

Potential misuse of results, source of funding poses risk of political influence on universities


Yet again, politics prioritized ahead of public’s safety in Wisconsin

In light of Gov. Evers' exective order, Republican efforts to suppress voters, elections should not have taken place on Tuesday


America must supplant political argument with conversation for real change

Enter into an era that encourages respect, empathy, compromise instead of hatred


Cory Booker could be just what Democrats need in 2020

With appeal, practical policy plans, and infectious energy, New Jersey Senator has real potential next November


Here’s why segregated fees are the worst

Fees unfairly force students to pay for amenities they may not use, such as UHS, gym


JFK, Democratic icon, was far too conservative for today’s liberals

Following anniversary of JFK's assassination, important to reflect on his policies, legacy, political implications for 2017


Point Counterpoint: A ways to go, but so much to be proud of

After tough losses in 2016, Democrats still have much to be optimistic about going forward


Protestors, pick your battles: Forbes’ speech not worth your breath

Freedom of speech includes both sides

Letter to the Editor

Democratic Party may pull itself back up — with a few new rules

With the defeats of 2016 in the rearview mirror, setting new expectations for the party is essential for success

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