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State of Wisconsin

Jill Stein campaign plans to donate remaining recount funds

Fundraising drive collects more than $7 million

State of Wisconsin

Mid-recount update shows nearly no change in election result

Over 70 percent of ballots counted

State of Wisconsin

In photos: Dane County begins election recount

Wisconsin leads statewide recount effort for first time in 16 years

State of Wisconsin

Here’s what to expect from Wisconsin’s ballot recount

Experts raise concerns about accuracy of electronic recount

State of Wisconsin

Commission plans timeline for Wisconsin recount

Stein, De La Fuente to pay for recount by Tuesday


Give President-elect Trump a chance

Recounts requested by Jill Stein, others shows massive distrust in U.S. election process

State of Wisconsin

Wisconsin recount efforts to begin Monday

Jill Stein only won 1.1 percent of vote in Wisconsin


Letter to the Editor: Don’t be fooled, you still have a third choice this November

Supporting the Stein campaign is a crucial step towards a future of independent politics


Jill Stein is not qualified to be president

Frustrated Sanders' supporters look to Jill Stein despite lack of experience, policies inconsistent with progressive agenda

State of Wisconsin

While Clinton holds lead over Trump, poll finds gap cut in half

Democratic candidate holds five point lead over Republican presidential nominee for Wisconsin voters

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