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UW System tuition raise pushes cost of over-admission to students, STEM majors

In-state tuition spike to hit STEM students hard, consequence of inflated freshman classes


In-state tuition hikes will harm state, students

UW-System in-state tuition raise to have negative impacts on student enrollment, state employment

UW-Madison Campus

Students express concerns amid tuition increase

Tuition, segregated fees to increase under March 30 Board of Regents decision


‘In your hands:’ UW pushes forward through uncertain financial future amid frozen tuition, declining state investment

As Blank leaves behind a decade-worth of attempts to shift UW’s financial model, it is up to new leadership to piece together university’s budget


US universities come up short in comparison to international institutions

UW is consistently ranked as top tier university on an international scale but still has issues it could learn from with examples set by universities in other countries


With Wisconsin tuition freeze set in stone, out-of-state students likely to pay the price again

UW System schools left without another option as GOP-led legislature refuses to increase funding for higher education


Bill that allocates grant money for out-of-state students overlooks valuable occupations

Though Murphy's bill would benefit out-of-state students, it ignores low-income graduates who need grant money the most

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