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City of Madison

ICE answers Rep. Mark Pocan’s FOIA request after more than four months

Details regarding September ICE raid in Wisconsin uncovered, some information incomplete


More than rallies needed to force an end to border cruelty

Without serious political pressure, immigrant rights movement may remain stalled at demonstrations


‘Crimmigration’: How the intermingling criminal justice and immigration systems disproportionately affect Southeast Asians

More than 16,000 refugees of the wars in Southeast Asia now face the risk of deportation despite being documented

City of Madison

ICE enforcement surge sheds light on vulnerability of undocumented students

Current political climate, efforts to eliminate DACA have raised concerns for Madison's undocumented community


Vukmir’s debate performance shows her misunderstanding of modern immigration policy

When talking about immigration policy, Vukmir needs to contextualize her personal evidence and compare it to modern times


Madison City Council’s ICE condemnation ignores protocol, undermines duty to legal immigrants

By advocating for criminal aliens, Madison City Council disrespects efforts of legal immigrants

State of Wisconsin

As ICE conducts enforcement surge in Wisconsin, Madison officials condemn their actions

In four day operation, ICE arrests 83 undocumented individuals across Wisconsin


Badger Herald Editorial Board: Madison’s identity as sanctuary city should never be threatened

Voting down bill proposed to roll back city's policies on undocumented immigrants an important progressive measure

UW-Madison Campus

UW researchers study implications of record temperatures in Antarctica

UW leads half of the nearly 120 weather stations studying Antartica's extreme temperatures

City of Madison

Madison may not be considered a sanctuary city, depending who you ask

MPD will not inquire about immigration status based on speculation, but will assist ICE when asked to

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