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The soft power of Asian influence on American culture

From K-pop to anime, Asian influence has largely impacted entertainment in the U.S.


From dairyland to movieland: Badger alumni release show on Disney+

Two more UW graduates have made it to Hollywood, so how difficult is it to make it in show business from Madison?


Craigslist Kicker: Charlie Berens bringing Manitowoc Minute back

After graduating in 2009, Wisconsin’s very own comedian continues to “Keep ‘er Movin’’ with “Oh My Gosh!” tour stop at Shannon Hall Friday night


Bad Bad Hats hit Madison milestone with High Noon performance

With 10th stop in Madison, Twin Cities based indie-pop band strengthened their tight bond with fans


‘The Director’ offers firsthand account of abuse, manipulation

J.K. Stein elucidates life-changing experience in devastating story


Gender inequality in Hollywood moving in the right direction, but still plenty left to do

Industry must work to recognize those films which reflect diversity characteristic of our modern world


Wakanda Forever: Marvel’s latest hit leaving lasting impression on film industry

Chadwick Boseman, other superstars of color seize opportunity on Hollywood's greatest stage


An artists work should never be separated from their actions off screen

Recent reports of sexual assault accusations have brought to light a glaring Hollywood issue, so turn off your TV

Letter to the Editor

Sexual assault survivors deserve an effective justice system

Many survivors don't feel confident pursuing legal justice, and here's why

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