UW-Madison Campus

UW professor speaks about history of solar panels

Solar panels have become more affordable in recent years, says Gregory Nemet


What we almost named The Badger Herald

The Badger Herald by any other name would smell as sweet

UW-Madison Campus

Hillel hosts conversation with Holocaust survivor who shares experience living in, escaping Nazi Germany

Hilde Adler, who has lived in Madison for 55 years, credits her life to her family, who escaped from Germany to England and then to the U.S.

City of Madison

New Madison historic preservation plan to focus on underrepresented groups

The committee used survey, photo contest to gain insight on community's preservation priorities

UW-Madison Campus

Founders’ day at UW marks 170 years of classes

UW celebrates its roots on Founders' day, over a century and a half after the first 20 students arrived on campus


‘American Idiot’ ready to rock Bartell Theatre

Green Day's rock opera gives voice to current cultural, political issues


As America mourns President Bush, we must reexamine how we remember our leaders

George H.W. Bush’s story teaches us how historical narratives are often changed, doomed to repeat themselves

UW-Madison Campus

History class connects students with the story of their parent’s generations

Class studies 70s, 80s and 90s through interviews with parents, music videos and books from each era

UW-Madison Campus

Visiting UVA professor discusses significance, context of Charlottesville Confederate monuments

The professor said monuments are not just distant history, but a challenge for America to learn history, improve

UW-Madison Campus

Wisconsin’s history of associating black skin with slavery still harmful today, UW professor says

Professor Christy Clark-Pujara discusses how historical context shapes modern racial attitudes