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Visiting UVA professor discusses significance, context of Charlottesville Confederate monuments

The professor said monuments are not just distant history, but a challenge for America to learn history, improve

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Wisconsin’s history of associating black skin with slavery still harmful today, UW professor says

Professor Christy Clark-Pujara discusses how historical context shapes modern racial attitudes


The best way to change future is to understand history

An American history course requirement could foster a wider understanding of the present day in all its nuance

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Expert panel discusses largely untold history of Midwest Asian Americans

Panelists emphasize importance of giving voice to population stereotype of regional whiteness oppresses


The only thing to be learned from Confederate monuments is fear, intolerance

These monuments only sow division, misrepresent racist history of this country — their removal is vital


Legislation poised to undermine gay rights history has few benefits

Bill that would complicate process of granting local landmark status suspiciously feels like effort to block recognition of gay rights history


Admitting racist past is America’s first step towards justice

History of denial impedes potential improvement of race relations in U.S.


Women, people of color dominate nominations for 60th annual Grammy Awards

SZA has received five nominations, more than any other woman this year


UW classes that center around societal shortcomings should encourage protest involvement

While other classes can easily implement hands-on experience in connection to their field, some classes that discuss abstract social concepts fall short

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From 4,200 Miles Away: History isn’t always red, white and blue

Basic facts are often warped by the country stamped on the historian's passport