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Sister Cindy must face social consequences for harmful speech

Despite leading hateful sermons on college campuses, Christian preacher garners broad support online


The Badger Herald Editorial Board: UW community must take meaningful action to support Black students

Following release of racist video, The Badger Herald Editorial Board extends support to Black community, calls on UW to undertake anti-racist efforts


The Badger Herald Editorial Board: The bounds of free speech

Amid series of controversial speakers at UW, we must consider how to resist harmful speech without restricting constitutional liberties


Point-counterpoint: Platforming controversial speakers

Recent 60 Minutes interview with Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene raises debate over role of media, free speech

UW-Madison Campus

Warriors for Christ elicit counterprotest at Library Mall

Milwaukee-based Christian group to open Madison chapter

UW-Madison Campus

UW condemns recent antisemitic events on campus

'We really welcome the strong, clear, and important statement that the University released today on antisemitism,' UW Hillel President says


Blaming personal shortcomings on systemic problems won’t cut it anymore

Why the racial slur scrawled on a student's door exemplifies the importance of personal accountability


Raising issues with controversial opinions better than silencing them to avoid offense

Silencing opinions that some deem harmful antithetical to free speech

UW-Madison Campus

UW students express concern over Walker’s proposal to protect controversial speech

New bill would prevent university officials from punishing students, faculty who voice 'unpopular opinions'

State of Wisconsin

Madison community reacts to hate speech following Halloween costume controversy

Minority students say they don't feel safe, welcome on UW campus

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