Gun control debate remains stagnant in the absence of concrete, bipartisan solutions

Protecting human life is a shared value across the aisle — let's make the gun-control debate about logic, pragmatism


Ideas on Trial: Do non-gun owners have the right to call for gun control?

The only practical way to ensure gun safety is to show gun owners that we’re not trying to take their guns, we just want them to be used safely


Funding research imperative to ending gun violence

Lack of research into mass shootings, mental health, make preventing tragedies like Las Vegas increasingly more difficult


Rights of collective student body to safety overpower individual right to bear arms

Coupling data proving danger of campus carry with seemingly increasingly violent campus endangers students


Pushing party agenda in wake of Las Vegas tragedy deplorable

20-week abortion bill shows that GOP values lives of unborn fetuses more than the lives of current citizens


To ensure safety of UW campus, it is crucial that students be allowed to carry firearms

Restrictive gun laws not proven to decrease gun violence, disproving liberal cries for stricter regulations

City of Madison

MPD Chief Koval says Madison not immune to ‘big city’ problems as gun violence spikes

He said there have been 48 'shots fired' incidents since Jan. 1

Letter to the Editor

Letter to the Editor: As gun violence escalates, the need for campus carry grows

Permitting qualified students with clean backgrounds to defend themselves against the threat of gun violence keeps UW safe

City of Madison

Gang-affiliated gun violence on the rise in Madison

To address the recent violence, a new community coalition had stepped up to reduce crime

State of Wisconsin

Businesses could be fined for not allowing firearms

Gun rights advocate said businesses would be liable for gun violence because patrons cannot defend themselves