State of Wisconsin

Green Party candidate denied from Wisconsin general election ballot

Wisconsin independent candidates need 2000 signatures to get on ballot, and signatures can be challenged, Public Information Officer of the WEC says

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State of Wisconsin

Wisconsin Supreme Court rejects Green Party request to appear on November ballot

Allowing Green Party to join ticket could cause ballots to not make it to voters in time for election, decision says

State of Wisconsin

Wisconsin Supreme Court halts dissemination of absentee ballots in response to lawsuit

Suspension could be 'disaster' for local election clerks, UW political science professor says


Closer look at Green Party’s attempt to enter Wisconsin ballot

To address election misgivings, voters must look at how candidates are selected as well as the people they vote in

State of Wisconsin

Commission plans timeline for Wisconsin recount

Stein, De La Fuente to pay for recount by Tuesday

State of Wisconsin

Wisconsin recount efforts to begin Monday

Jill Stein only won 1.1 percent of vote in Wisconsin


Letter to the Editor: Don’t be fooled, you still have a third choice this November

Supporting the Stein campaign is a crucial step towards a future of independent politics

State of Wisconsin

Poll shows Clinton widening gap over Trump in Wisconsin

Democratic candidate holds 10 point lead over Republican presidential nominee for Wisconsin voters

State of Wisconsin

Clinton maintains lead in presidential race for Wisconsin voters

But Democrats are becoming increasingly uncertain whether to vote in November

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