Absence of special elections unfairly strip Wisconsinites of representation

Former Attorney General Eric Holder sued Gov. Scott Walker to preserve integrity of representation in Wisconsin

State of Wisconsin

New legislation will cut statewide district attorney shortage in half

54 positions will be filled statewide, specifically in understaffed Walworth County


Mandatory drug tests, increased work requirements do nothing to help welfare recipients

Instead of making coverage harder to obtain, minimum wage must be increased to prevent need for welfare

City of Madison

Soglin denounces Trump’s infrastructure plan, considers Gov. Walker’s approval ‘betrayal’

Plan encourages private investment in public infrastructure, could leave major portions of interstate system open to tolling


Gov. Scott Walker’s healthcare plan meant to benefit his reelection rather than Wisconsinites

Walker paints himself as bipartisan hero in contrast to long history of sabotaging healthcare reform

State of Wisconsin

Democratic gubernatorial candidates discuss employment, healthcare, at forum

Candidates will face off in primary election Aug. 14

State of Wisconsin

Walker’s State of the State address met with mixed reactions

Nonpartisan fact-checking organization found much of his address was true

State of Wisconsin

Amid protests, Gov. Walker announces run for third term

In his next term, Walker will focus on stopping growth of opioid epidemic, illegal drug abuse

UW-Madison Campus

This is how ASM lobbies for UW’s budget

ASM lobbying relies heavily on grassroots organizing


10 theories about Gov. Scott Walker’s bald spot

Who really knows how it got there