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Nurses’ agreement with UW Health leaves unionization unsettled

Better working conditions, union rights remain unresolved after recent agreement


Starbucks, Colectivo unionization efforts challenge company neglect on local level

Resurgence in union popularity in Wisconsin should be evaluated on case-by-case basis with focus on local issues, economic research


UW Health workers deserve right to unionize

UW Health admin unjustly leverage Act 10 to prevent nurses from unionizing amid pandemic strain, harsher working conditions


Democrats must be strategic, realistic in order for blue wave to reach governor’s office

Polarization doesn't gain votes necessary to win, but centrism does


Lawmakers must be held to a higher standard in creation of welfare laws

Walker's food stamp programs don't 'trampoline' its recipients, they only make self-sufficiency less attainable


Wisconsin women deserve better than Walker’s anti-abortion law

To halt momentum of current legislation, women's healthcare supporters must take action through voting


Absence of special elections unfairly strip Wisconsinites of representation

Former Attorney General Eric Holder sued Gov. Scott Walker to preserve integrity of representation in Wisconsin

State of Wisconsin

New legislation will cut statewide district attorney shortage in half

54 positions will be filled statewide, specifically in understaffed Walworth County


Mandatory drug tests, increased work requirements do nothing to help welfare recipients

Instead of making coverage harder to obtain, minimum wage must be increased to prevent need for welfare

City of Madison

Soglin denounces Trump’s infrastructure plan, considers Gov. Walker’s approval ‘betrayal’

Plan encourages private investment in public infrastructure, could leave major portions of interstate system open to tolling

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