Letter to the Editor: Midterm election results another reminder of staunch Republican gerrymandering

Though statewide positions turned blue, Republican-dominated legislature indicates effective gerrymandering


Partisan gerrymandering a difficult process to gut when parties are not evenly distributed across state

While a non-partisan redistricting commission may seem like a solution to gerrymandering, perfect proportionality is not a guarantee, difficult to achieve

State of Wisconsin

Following SCOTUS refusal to hear gerrymandering case, experts discuss looming constitutional questions

Plaintiffs to reassess plan of action, possibly bring case forward again

State of Wisconsin

Gerrymandering gives way to lack of bipartisan legislation, Whitford says

Whitford currently waiting on Supreme Court decision for Wisconsin's gerrymandering case


Gerrymandering has intensely gendered implications

Women are statistically more likely to vote democratic, so gerrymandering, specifically in Wisconsin, has silenced their voice


Point Counterpoint: Gerrymandering may seem to be poor system, but it’s the best we’ve seen

In recent Gill v. Whitford case heard before the Supreme Court, manageable standard for addressing gerrymandering remained vague


Point Counterpoint: Supreme Court gerrymandering case sparks productive conversation

Ideally, Gill v. Whitford would end political gerrymandering — after all, America is for the people by the people

State of Wisconsin

Wisconsin’s gerrymandering case: What you need to know

A decision is set to be made by the end of June