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Greater risk to COVID-19 associated with genetics, systemic factors

Understanding what puts demographics at greater risks to serious illness from COVID-19 can help navigate pandemic better

Science News

NIH grant to support groundbreaking stem cell models for Down syndrome at UW

'[This] work can significantly advance our understanding of the cognitive and health conditions seen in individuals with Down syndrome,' UW expert says

Science News

UW lab discovers trees can change genetic structure to compete for resources

Decade-long study finds genetic diversity of aspen forests leave them adaptable to changing environment

Science News

The Lab Report: How former UW physician scientist changed gene therapy forever, inspiring COVID-19 vaccines

From discovering how DNA translates into amino acids to challenging central dogma, UW researchers have always been at forefront of genetics, molecular biology

UW-Madison Campus

UW researchers receive grant, pioneer research on cranberry genomes

$6.4 million USDA grant with matching funds, innovative genetic research, aid farmers in creating better quality products

UW-Madison Campus

Controversial human gene editing could become reality, expert says

Gene editing is "slippery slope," germline therapies may one day become widespread, visiting professor says


Stemming from a young age: Girls need role models in STEM fields

UW professor Ahna Skop was selected to be ambassador for AAAS, will likely be strong role model for women in STEM fields

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