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Sister Cindy must face social consequences for harmful speech

Despite leading hateful sermons on college campuses, Christian preacher garners broad support online

UW-Madison Campus

Animal rights activist’s case against UW dismissed, freedom of speech not violated

'We are pleased with the decision and the work of our legal team to defend this matter,' UW spokesperson Greg Bump says

State of Wisconsin

UW System delays free speech survey that contributed to resignation of UW-Whitewater Chancellor

‘Without this survey, the System will continue to be forced to address future free speech controversies from a purely post hoc and anecdotal perspective,' Menard Center Director says


Social media Trump ban protects public safety, does not violate First Amendment

Unregulated speech of politicians and affiliated groups poses danger, risk to public safety

UW-Madison Campus

Trump signs executive order requiring colleges to protect free speech, or risk losing federal funding

UW has no plans to change its current policy which addresses, to mixed reactions, many of Trump's concerns

Letter to the Editor

Board of Regents free speech decision must be repealed immediately

Vague policy unfairly makes students to choose between voicing opinions, asking questions, possible expulsion


Board of Regents decision blurs definition of freedom of speech

Freedom of speech should be universal right not reserved for solely the ideas one agrees with


Kneeling at football games plays right into Trump’s hands

Players, coaches, broadcasters are ignoring that majority of Americans, don't watch football for the politics


Protestors, pick your battles: Forbes’ speech not worth your breath

Freedom of speech includes both sides


Letter to the Editor: No degree is worth one’s dignity

The noose never was, is, or will be free. Remember that.

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