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Critical Race Theory opponents twist meaning for political gain, discussions on race, diversity belong in classrooms

Classrooms ideal places for discussions about race, offer students chances to share perspectives outside social media

UW-Madison Campus

UW journalism professors urge Fox News to stop spreading COVID-19 misinformation

'It's a question of not actively misinforming people who are vulnerable,' UW professor says


Editorial Board: Fake outrage over class syllabus shows that sometimes facts really don’t care about your feelings

Uncomfortable truths about Trump administration remain true, despite Fox News' best efforts

UW-Madison Campus

‘It’s not the patriarchy, it’s you:’ Fox News contributor criticizes state of feminism

Most important decision a woman makes is who they marry, speaker says


Fox News, propaganda machine, deepens harsh divides in American society

As right continues to circulate storylines which add no value to political climate, it's important to identify culprit

UW-Madison Campus

UPDATE: After conservative push for seg fee opt-out, SSFC official encourages conservative student involvement in ASM

Kristi Parsons, SSFC vice chair, said there were major issues with report


Q&A: Comedian Drew Michael on SNL, status quo of comedy

Comic talks new writing position, comedy today, joke inspirations before stop Madison


Biased media and imbalanced fact-checkers do Americans a disservice

Conflict, opposing viewpoints are critical during elections

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