Football: Confusion between bull, pig affects many after Iowa conquest

While both mammals, the two have unique features

UW-Madison Campus

South end of Camp Randall to undergo renovations

Renvations will add premium seating options

The first Badgers trickle into lines waiting to start the football game.

Observing sports culture as a non-fan attending a football school

Our fascination with athletic competitions on grandstand presents interesting questions about our interests, priorities

UW-Madison Campus

Cephus, attorneys hold press conference urging UW to readmit him in light of not guilty verdict

Attorneys say UW has all the material necessary to "do the right thing"

UW-Madison Campus

First day of Cephus trial brings accuser, police to stand

Victim reports extreme intoxication, confusion throughout the incident

UW-Madison Campus

Cephus sexual assault trial begins following previous delays

Cephus charged with two counts of felony sexual assault


Where are they now: Wisconsin Football

Badgers have several high profile players in NFL, few more on their way


The battle to come: Coan or Mertz?

With two viable quarterbacks in Madison, the duel for the starting spot is sure to rage on into the regular season


Football: Mertz or bust? Fans in awe of Kansas high school sensation

Can quarterback Graham Mertz bring Wisconsin to the promised land?


Football: After productive spring season, Badgers look poised to reclaim their status within Big Ten

Wisconsin brings in new blood at special teams, returns Jake Ferguson to tight end