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Science News

Newest Field Day Lab computer game combines science, journalism

Free, public game teaches journalism to middle schoolers


Facing the floods: Even over 7,000 miles away, floods in Pakistan hit close to home

Climate change causes increased flooding across the world, from Madison to Pakistan

UW-Madison Campus

Madison deputy mayor unveils plans to address climate change

Officials from City of Madison, Wisconsin Climate Change Impacts outlined plans to address climate-induced flooding

City of Madison

Climate change apparent in warmest, wettest decade ever recorded in Madison

Climate change experts said increased precipitation in the future is possible

UW-Madison Campus

New report predicts warmer temperatures, extreme precipitation in Great Lakes area

Changes in climate will bring more flooding, heat waves to midwest, affect public health


As UW’s buildings crumble, so might its reputation as a prestigious learning institution

After catastrophic flooding around campus, it is clear that UW must allocate more money to stronger infrastructure

City of Madison

Recent floods cause hike in mosquito population

City-monitored mosquito traps yielded record numbers in September


Months before historic flooding, Republicans put Foxconn first, environment second

Deregulation this year filled in one of Wisconsin's last natural defenses against flooding, prompting serious need to rethink environmental policy

State of Wisconsin

Gov. Walker requests federal aid for flood victims

Storms caused $11 million in damage

State of Wisconsin

Wisconsinites travel across country to help Louisiana flood victims

At least 40 local residents have flown to Louisiana to volunteer with Wisconsin Red Cross

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