Letter to the Editor

I shouldn’t have to legitimize my existence as Republican woman

Contrary to liberal belief, women play integral role in Republican party


Crisis Pregnancy Centers destroy female bodily autonomy

California law regulating information provided by centers step in right direction, likely won't survive Supreme Court


There is no room for ‘anti-feminism’ in college – all women directly benefit from feminism

Activists throughout history have fought tirelessly, successfully, for gender equality, but there are still battles to be won


Proud Boys emblematic of rampant misogyny in America

For far too long have women been subjected to male-dominated rhetoric relegating them to a role as demure housewife

Social issues

Ivanka Trump is about as much of a feminist as her father

Occasional comments, glorified self-help books inadequate for Ivanka to consider herself absolved of ties to her sexist father


Greek life is misogynistic and that is that

Dangerous perpetuation of toxic masculinity, outdated views of 'good girls' must be discarded


Women should not be forced to fear their own shadows

Fear has become a sad but normalized part of womanhood


International fight for equal pay is advancing, with or without the U.S.

In the wake of 'Day Without Women,' Iceland becomes first country to mandate equal pay for equal work


It’s time to face your fear of feminism

You shouldn't feel threatened by women's rights


Roses are a girl’s best friend or her worst nightmare on ‘The Bachelor’

Viall and previous bachelors create unhealthy, patriarchal environment on their season of The Bachelor