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Hook, line and sinker: Tackling harmful health risks of fish contamination for anglers, greater community

Angling for education, safe consumption habits, environmental change


Don’t let unjustified skepticism stop you from getting COVID-19 booster

With FDA's recent authorization of all three COVID-19 vaccine boosters, UW students, faculty should get vaccine to save lives

Science News

UPDATED: FDA authorizes booster shots for Moderna, Johnson & Johnson and mixing vaccines

'Research to date has shown that the booster shot may be the same or a different brand and all combinations are safe,' UW expert says

Science News

New study finds uncharacterized molecules in vaping aerosols, posing new threats to users

Caffeine, products of combustion found in vaping aerosols in recent Johns Hopkins University study


UW psychedelic research shows promise for medicine, must proceed with caution

New research program revisits historical use of psychedelics as medicine

Science News

Booster shots become key part of vaccination equation with recent pending approvals

UW Health expert says UW will 'be among the first to know' about pending federal guidance on booster shots for the non-immunocompromised

Science News

The Lab Report: UW researchers explore new ways to inhibit bacterial communication, quorum sensing

The Blackwell Lab examines food pathogen to solve critical, real-world bacterial issues

UW-Madison Campus

AstraZeneca changes vaccine efficacy estimate, experts say vaccine is still highly effective

'The 3% decrease is not remarkable in terms of the vaccine’s effectiveness,' UW professor says

State of Wisconsin

UW Health, Froedtert partner with national COVID-19 plasma project

Plasma donor speaks out on donation experience

UW-Madison Campus

First COVID-19 patient receives blood transfusion as part of plasma therapy study

UW Health takes part in national coalition studying convalescent plasma therapy

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