Science News

Cryptocurrency mining uses high amounts of electricity, causes environmental harm, experts say

Energy use increases emissions, but technology could be used for environmental benefits

State of Wisconsin

$700 million power plant to be built in Superior, Wisconsin

Wisconsin Public Service Commission approves construction for natural gas power plant

UW-Madison Campus

Protest calls for climate action, announces new student coalition

Protestors will gather every Friday at Library mall as a part of Fridays for Future

UW-Madison Campus

UW alum discusses history, future of global energy consumption

Speaker says energy consumption affects everyone, societies will adapt to changing climate


Leading by example: Wisconsin makes solid strides in clean energy industry

Despite national decrease, Wisconsin continues to add more jobs in renewable energy, establishing good foundation for further progress

City of Madison

A closer look at Madison’s new sustainability coordinator

Emphasis will be placed on community outreach, adding more renewable energy to grid

UW-Madison Campus

‘There’s no free lunch,’ UW professor explores drawbacks to green power

Professor Alan Carroll highlighted drawbacks associated with cleanest forms of energy

State of Wisconsin

Panel explores potential for clean energy jobs in Wisconsin

Panelists look to renewable energy to boost state economy


Trump’s lies on energy will catch up with him

With increases in natural gas consumption and an inevitable impact from climate change, the president's energy plans are foolish

Letter to the Editor

Coal is a thing of the past, let’s keep it that way

No matter what president, GOP try to do, coal industry will continue its slow death

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