State and federal governmental approach to vaping crisis needs altering

Health of adolescents at risk with absence of proper treatment of crisis


More died from gun violence yesterday than ever died from vaping — why has vaping gotten attention?

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State of Wisconsin

UW, American Lung Association professionals discuss measures reducing e-cigarette usage

Experts call for further FDA regulation on e-cigarette usage, especially among young users


E-cigarettes are destroying lives and we don’t know why

Once thought harmless, vape pens, Juuls, dab pens and the like are devastating young people around the country — it's time to take note

City of Madison

Regulations on e-cigarettes for minors passed by FDA, could affect UW students

Regulations passed in September demand mandatory plan for manufacturers to stop selling to minors

UW-Madison Campus

Most UW students, faculty support tobacco-free campus, study finds

Tobacco-free campus would likely involve campus-wide ban of tobacco products


FDA warnings against underage Juuling are first step to preventing nicotine addiction

Government agencies must do more concering addiction in adolescents


Flavors, finesse of e-cigs distract from serious danger they pose

Wisconsin youth turning to smokeless tobacco at higher rates than ever