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State of Wisconsin

Gov. Evers allocates $402 million in funding to combat PFAS contamination in Wisconsin drinking water

Funding will be used to construct water infrastructure, replace lead pipes to prevent contamination

Science News

City of Madison to comply with first ever national PFAS regulations on drinking water

Proposed regulations will require regularly monitoring, ensuring PFAS concentrations are within safe limit in local wells


Wisconsin’s water contamination points to national trend toward water shortage

More action needs to be taken at all governmental levels to preserve freshwater sources

Science News

Balancing Act: High road salt use prevents slippery roads, but harms Madison’s waters

Road salt hurts aqautic life, pollutes drinking water, experts say

Letter to the Editor

Letter to the Editor: Wisconsin has a nitrate pollution problem

68% of Wisconsin residents rely on groundwater potentially contaminated by harmful nitrates

State of Wisconsin

EPA proposal could put PFAS on contaminant list, UW experts support decision

'[EPA decision] could have major impacts on human health,' environmental policy expert says

City of Madison

UW, Madison Water Utility work to address tensions from PFAS

Thousands of PFAS still in use in environment, Madison Water Utility information officer says

State of Wisconsin

Evers proposes $70 million to replace lead pipes, improving quality of drinking water

Lower-income families are disproportionately affected by harmful effects of lead pipes

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