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Science News

Campus experts research learning alternatives to standardized tests, current science curriculum

Summative learning assessments not necessarily best teaching method, experts say

Science News

Miss America hosts ‘Nuclear Now’ screening, Q&A

Nuclear energy could replace fossil fuels by 2050, the film highlights

Science News

From Sheldon to Shuri: Changing portrayals of scientists in media

Observing changing status of fictional scientists, communication for real scientists in media over time

Science News

New study tracks whether immunized students can still spread COVID-19

'It affords an opportunity to do research, watching how the virus spreads between people, without the worry that individuals who are being observed are at a risk for severe COVID, making it amenable to research,' population health expert says

City of Madison

Madison sees population influx in wake of pandemic

'For a smaller city, it has all the elements a big city would offer,' UW expert says

State of Wisconsin

Climate change is affecting Wisconsinites’ health, new UW study finds

Low income communities, communities of color disproportionately impacted by climate change, experts say

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UW-Madison Campus

Experts present data on coronavirus pandemic, social distancing

Most Wisconsinites have complied with social distancing, despite protests in Madison last week

State of Wisconsin

Bioethics workgroup gives ventilator allocation recommendations to state

State is not currently in ventilator shortage, workgroup chair says guidelines are still necessary

UW-Madison Campus

Professor describes the science behind science communication

Knowing audience, appealing to values are the most important elements of science communication, professor says

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