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Barring employees from reporting cases of workplace discrimination makes no sense

Stripping established protections against workplace discrimination is yet another thinly-veiled Republican effort to devalue underrepresented voices


Automatic voter registration valuable first step in combatting restrictive voter ID laws

Automatically registering voters not complete solution to low turnout numbers, but acceptable start

City of Madison

GOP-backed bill looks to standardize employment laws in Wisconsin

Investigator for city of Madison argues legislation will lessen protection for employees facing discrimination


Voter ID laws discriminate based on race, socioeconomic status

The color of one’s skin or amount of money saved in bank not grounds for revocation of rights


Point Counterpoint: Business owners cannot legally discriminate against customers based on sexuality

If personal beliefs dictate business decisions, anyone could be discriminated against for anything


It’s time UW and the Madison community widen its update of racism

Just because you don't consider it racist doesn't mean it isn't


The LGBTQ+ community doesn’t need your fake sympathy

Just because you support our community doesn't mean it can be used to belittle, ignore others in need

Letter to the Editor

Ability-based segregation remains far too prevalent in our society

If racial segregation has been outlawed, we cannot permit exclusion of people with diverse abilities


Leaked executive order could wreak havoc on LGBTQ+ Americans

These are not attempts to protect religious freedom, they are attempts to formally legitimize conservative Christian power and influence in this country


Consent, Amplified seeks to spark important dialogue in Madison’s music scene

Making concerts safe for all artists, fans alike

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