UW-Madison Campus

Public History Project hosts live online event to honor 30th anniversary of Americans with Disabilities Act

Project assistant for Public History Project spoke about specific challenges students with disabilities faced throughout history of UW

City of Madison

Common Council attempts to reduce single-use plastic waste, passes plastic straw ordinance

Restaurants to receive citations upon plastic straw infractions after educational grace period


Editorial Board: Fall 2019’s biggest stories

Following are the most contested stories from this semester

Letter to the Editor

Ability-based segregation remains far too prevalent in our society

If racial segregation has been outlawed, we cannot permit exclusion of people with diverse abilities


Disability-based discrimination far too prevalent in school hallways

Win for Michigan student with disability, her service dog important first step toward equality


Nasty women did not need your vote: How I live with a disability in Trump’s America

It might not be Trump's outward actions, but instead his rhetoric and vitriol that could wreak havoc on handicapped individuals


Even in the absence of visual evidence, mental illness is often as crippling as physical disability

Depression, among other psychological conditions, can be marginalizing

City of Madison

Contemporary gallery allows blind to connect with art, overcome challenges

New temporary art gallery focuses on art created by those with visual disabilities

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