Republican response to sexual assault allegations alarmingly underwhelming

Public response by GOP politicians show their willingness to drop coveted 'family values' in face of sexual assault allegations to maintain political agenda


Hey Democrats, Obamacare took more than a year too

Educating the public is key in transitioning from a failing healthcare system to one which does its job without bankrupting the country


Point Counterpoint: A ways to go, but so much to be proud of

After tough losses in 2016, Democrats still have much to be optimistic about going forward

Letter to the Editor

Democratic Party may pull itself back up — with a few new rules

With the defeats of 2016 in the rearview mirror, setting new expectations for the party is essential for success

State of Wisconsin

Tired of ‘shuffling papers,’ Wisconsin ethics commissioner resigns

Republican lawmaker criticized Kinney for not using his position to create change in system

State of Wisconsin

Some conservatives agree with Obama on occupational deregulation

Occupational licensing sees bipartisan critiques


Trump’s first month as president-elect proves just how uncertain the GOP’s future will be

Traditional conservatism, nationalism geared up for four-year tug-of-war, with the president moderating


Anti-Trump whining undermines this country

Trump should be afforded, like every other president before him, a clean transition to power

State of Wisconsin

Democrats seek to curb corruption in campaign coordination with new bill

Issue advertisements subtly advocate for certain candidates, but aren't part of official political campaign

State of Wisconsin

Wisconsin recount efforts to begin Monday

Jill Stein only won 1.1 percent of vote in Wisconsin