Chris Maddox explores language translations and interpretations in his upcoming exhibition

The Art+Literature Laboratory to hold a mixed media art installation embodying the concept of transformation


Madison Public Market hopes to build on present farmer’s market scene in Madison

The events serves as a preview for permanent location starting 2019

City of Madison

MarketReady program looks to help minorities in Madison Public Market

System will help a total of 30 businesses, draw businesses to region

UW-Madison Campus

UW hosts international conference on refugees, immigrants in schools

Participants discuss how to help children who face new language, culture


‘Somebody else’s babies’ helped form this nation

U.S. Rep. Steve King rightfully condemned for his hateful calls to homogenize America


Eccles, Karetz bring deeply personal sister exhibitions to UW gallery

Student exhibitions both send political messages

Study Abroad

From 4,200 Miles Away: The world might have mixed feelings on the American people but it loves our media

Even while Spaniards view the U.S. with disdain, they avidly consume American media


Chinese New Year celebration reveals the beauty behind new years’ traditions

The Chinese New Year may not be until Jan. 28, but university staff were more than excited for turn of calendar

Study Abroad

From 4,200 Miles Away: After a semester abroad, it’s not easy to feel proud to be an American

I'd never felt embarrassed of my heritage - until I was faced with the harsh reality that the rest of the world believes I should be


In photos: Women’s March brings colorful protest for justice to Madison streets

As seen through the eyes of citizen photographers at the peaceful demonstration, the future for females is bright