EPA’s recent toxics release data lacks accessible risk assessments for Wisconsin residents

Raw data without risk assessments deprive citizens' of their ability to hold facilities accountable for toxic releases

State of Wisconsin

Farm Workforce Modernization Act could help Wisconsin farmers to hire migrant workers

'If passed, the legislation would establish a temporary Certified Agricultural Worker status for undocumented farmworkers,' Farmworker Justice staff attorney says


Looking onward to fall semester reveals current funds insufficient to support UW

Online instruction has left a large impact on UW financially, current UW budget will be insufficient if fall semester is fully digital

Fall 2019

New bill of rights for crime victims will make Wisconsin, UW safer

Failed lawsuit attempting to block Marsy's Law from entering Wisconsin ballots highlight need to create additional protections for victims


Congress’ inability to focus on anything besides political affiliation threatens national security

Mike Gallagher's stance against War Power Resolution is hypocritical and unproductive in protecting interests of general public


Point Counterpoint: Democrats should focus on their own problems instead of impeachment proceedings

Rather than support their own candidates, Democrats' campaign plan seems to be fruitless efforts to impeach Trump


On media violence and the truths we don’t tell

A reflection on broken stories and how we can fix them

State of Wisconsin

Republican attempts to limit executive power in light of Evers win may prove unsuccessful, UW experts say

Evers begins transition amid Republican attempts to limit gubernatorial power


What Paul Nehlen’s campaign tells us about prevalence of bigotry in Wisconsin

Nehlen's political career may not have much of a future in Wisconsin, but frighteningly, his ideologies might


Congress loses conservative champion, valuable leader with Paul Ryan’s retirement

Congress must remember Ryan's fiscal vision as he leaves Congress

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