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State of Wisconsin

Individual who brought handgun into Capitol building taken into custody

Man said he would not leave until speaking with Wisconsin Governor A man was arrested for illegally bringing a handgun into the Wisconsin State

State of Wisconsin

Gun control policies remain unchanged despite increasing rates of gun violence

'It’s clear that gun violence in Wisconsin and in our nation is an epidemic,' associate professor says

UW-Madison Campus

Rape survivor advocates for campus carry, encourages healing process for fellow survivors

Amanda Collins Johnson explains her beliefs on campus carry following personal experiences

City of Madison

As mass shootings continue, Wisconsin, national gun control debates remain polarized

While politicians argue solutions, Madison community prepares for unthinkable


To ensure safety of UW campus, it is crucial that students be allowed to carry firearms

Restrictive gun laws not proven to decrease gun violence, disproving liberal cries for stricter regulations

State of Wisconsin

Concealed carry permit applications double during last year

Rep. Melissa Sargent believes increase in permit holders contributed in part to Madison gun violence


Concealed carry doesn’t have to be unsettling

Might not be the worst policy if rules, regulations can be added to who can get permit


UW statement: we oppose campus carry

The Wisconsin State Legislature could consider a campus carry bill as early as January

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