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UW-Madison Campus

Proposed UW system tuition promise program looks unlikely

Despite Gov. Evers' attempts, state funding for proposed tuition promise program remains unlikely with Republican-led legislature


Let’s be clear — College admissions have always favored the wealthy

Don't let scandal surrounding college admissions distract from financial privilege inherent in college admissions process


Natural Light’s unnatural solution to the student debt crisis

Natural Light, other private companies generously aid with student loan repayment — but is that a solution for this problem?


Secretary DeVos does not care about your debt

With debt on the rise, DeVos's recent deregulation of loan corporations spell trouble for future graduates


Point Counterpoint: ASM is far too partisan to be trusted with allocable segregated fees

Student government focuses more on pushing liberal agenda than acknowledging Gov. Walker's strong budget proposal


There are 69 million eligible millennial voters, so why aren’t candidates talking about college affordability?

In first two presidential debates, 'college' was mentioned only four times


Editorial Board’s stories to watch fall 2016

The Badger Herald Editorial Board deemed the following stories important to watch throughout the semester. We all must continue #TheRealUW Minority students on campus

UW System

Regents approve $42.5 million budget focused on developing workforce, college affordability

UW System approved millions in funding to increase college enrollment, affordability

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