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Science News

Kaiping Chen shares research into relationship between gender, race, education inequality, technology

Discussion held by CDGW reveals researched science inequities, disparities in communities 

UW-Madison Campus

‘Reservation Dogs’ actor, climate activist speaks on value of comedy during Native November keynote

'What we're trying to do is confront power … Because for too long our stories have been told by non-Native people,' keynote speaker Dallas Goldtooth says

Science News

Experts consider future of Wisconsin at annual Climate Change Symposium

Symposium presenters discuss how Wisconsin is becoming one of best areas to live as climate change disasters hurt U.S.


Food for thought: Clash between engineered and biological food systems creates challenges, waste

Food system infrastructure is strong, yet flaws exist

Science News

Recent study shows monarch butterfly populations in decline

Primary influences include loss of breeding habitat, lack of milkweed, climate change, experts say


Wisconsin ozone pollution must be ameliorated

Seven Wisconsin counties near Lake Michigan have dangerous levels of ozone pollution, putting residents at danger for negative health effects

City of Madison

County Executive Joe Parisi retiring, hopeful for future

Parisi encourages student voting, continued environmental work

Science News

Miss America hosts ‘Nuclear Now’ screening, Q&A

Nuclear energy could replace fossil fuels by 2050, the film highlights

Science News

Climate education group connects mothers nationwide

Science News

‘The Weather Guys’ radio show provides answers about weather, climate

25-year-long radio show hosted by UW professors answers public’s weather-related questions

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