UW-Madison Campus

UW professor discusses effect of climate change on Wisconsin landscapes

Ankur Desai's research has implications for forest restoration, sustainable agriculture

City of Madison

Climate change apparent in warmest, wettest decade ever recorded in Madison

Climate change experts said increased precipitation in the future is possible


State government has a responsibility to protect our nature

Data shows Mendota is polluted too much and frozen too little

City of Madison

Lake Mendota’s late freeze coincides with warming climate induced trends

Average freeze date later than 150 years ago, consequences important to community, UW professor said


Youth in America need to learn the truth behind climate change

U.S. must make an effort to implement climate change, environmental sustainability into public school curriculum


Editorial Board: Fall 2019’s biggest stories

Following are the most contested stories from this semester


The semester that was: Fall 2019’s biggest stories

A recap of Fall 2019's biggest headlines

UW-Madison Campus

Protest calls for climate action, announces new student coalition

Protestors will gather every Friday at Library mall as a part of Fridays for Future


UW must commit to 100% renewable energy

UW needs to turn away from fossil fuels if Wisconsin is to address climate change and reach target of 100% renewable energy by 2030


It’s true — science is not a liberal conspiracy

Partisan divide in public trust of scientists reveals Republican scientific policy counteracts research, progress