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UW-Madison Campus

Panel of state reps, UW professors discuss legalization of marijuana

The panelists advocate for legalization and regulation

State of Wisconsin

Untested CBD products could be potential health risk, as CBD sales spike

“There are many other claims out there, and we don’t have any strong evidence that those claims actually count or not,” doctor said


Budding solutions: Athletes advocate for CBD use, but the risks and regulations remain hazy

Lack of research, regulations of CBD may pose threat to those looking for alternative therapy

State of Wisconsin

Hemp industry presents state farmers with new opportunities, yet calls for cautionary approach amongst growers

Monitoring plants, searching for markets helps mitigate such risk

State of Wisconsin

Medical marijuana bill to potentially bring medical, monetary benefit, affect arrests

The bill could produce net $1.1 billion positive effect, while potentially reducing opioid overdoses, addiction traffic fatalities over five years

State of Wisconsin

Wisconsin farmers, retailers profit from CBD legalization

With CBD available to public, sectors of Wisconsin's agriculture, wellness industry have been thriving


State must make it easier for industrial hemp farmers to manufacture CBD products

Increased regulations, restrictions diminish success of already struggling farmers

State of Wisconsin

Lawmakers hope hemp legalization will boost state economy

Lawmakers said substance is worlds apart from recreational marijuana

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